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Everyone deserves to explore new places and experience new adventures, regardless of physical limitations. I am dedicated to providing accessible travel options for those with disabilities, so that you can expand your horizons and discover new cultures. Don't let perceived limits hold you back from experiencing the world around you!


I've traveled extensively around the US and the world. I didn't travel outside of North America until I was 30 years old, but once I did, I couldn't get enough. For me, the passion for travel is about experiencing a new culture, enjoying their incredible foods, and seeing all the sites. The one caveat that I have is that I've had 17 foot surgeries and 2 knee surgeries, which has led to a number of various complications and limitations.  That hasn't held my back from my travels though...I just have to be more thoughtful in my preparation and planning.  It is all attainable!  I've figured out that I'm capable of experiencing it all, I may just have to address it differently than others might.


My mission is to share my passion for travel and the lessons that I've learned to help you experience the world in a way that is truly meaningful to you, in a way that is manageable with your own capabilities.

Sunset view from Viking Grand European River Cruise
Viking River Cruise - Budapest
Kitty on the rood in Kotor, Montenegro
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